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The Highest-Paid TV Actors by Episode

As a payroll company, we're constantly fascinated by unique aspects of compensation, especially in...

Let's explore the payrolls of the Clinton and Trump campaigns

As a payroll company, we’re always interested in payroll-related data. This week, we decided to...

4 easy steps to hire an out-of-state employee

Whether you're a business that's just about to hire its first new out-of-state employee or a...

Avoid These Common Workplace Violations

Employment law can be confusing for both the employee and the employer. Employees need to know that...

Should You Invest in an HSA for Your Small Business?

Have you been trying to decide how best to offer cost-effective health insurance to your employees?...

Benefit Trends for 2016: Part II

Earlier this month, we discussed four of the latest trends in benefits for 2016.

Workplace Trends 2016 – What’s New?

What does the workplace of 2016 look like? Not terribly different than in previous years; many of...

Which Payroll Method Works Best For Your Business?

When calculating your payroll, do you do it yourself, old-school, with pen, paper, and calculator?...

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