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Employee Handbooks

Partner with Complete Payroll to create or update your employee handbook - a powerful tool to communicate your organization's policies and protect your business from employment lawsuits or investigations.

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Handbooks are Important

An employee handbook is a powerful tool to communicate your organization's policies and practices, as well as its values, culture, and vision. It can also form the first line of defense in an employment lawsuit or investigation.
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Well written and comprehensive employee handbook will benefit both the employee and the employer. Employees will gain a better sense of the organization and employers will know that they have made the policies and expectations clear to its workers.

An up-to-date, compliant handbook is also a viable first line of defense against huge litigation costs. And a thorough handbook is beneficial to both the organization as well as the newly hired employee as it clearly sets the tone for the expectations of that employee.

Express Handbook Builder

Complete our easy-to-use wizard and get your handbook in about 30 minutes. Your completed handbook is delivered electronically in an editable Word document.

Professional Handbook Builder

Complete our easy-to-use wizard with information about your company and up to three of your own policies to be reviewed and included in your brand-new handbook. 

Our HR pros will create your new custom handbook in an editable Word document. 

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with an HR Pro to walk through your new handbook, or skip the consultation and get your new handbook in as few as 3 - 5 business days

Handbook Update Manager

Understand when and how to update your handbook with our handbook tools. Review our real-time policy advisor for updates the Pros have made to handbook policies for all 50 states. Submit individual policies for review by the HR pros.

Create a new employee handbook or update an existing one.

Employee Handbooks - Built it Yourself (1)

Build it Yourself

Our Handbook Wizard is self-guided and simple. It'll walk you through each step.

Employee Handbooks - Built it Yourself

Built for You

Our certified HR professionals will build and customize a handbook tailored to your organization.

Employee Handbooks - Update an Existing Handbook

Update an Existing Handbook

Simply work with our team to conduct a compliance check, revise outdated policies and fill any current gaps.

You need a strong employee handbook.

Benefits of a Sound Employee Handbook

A well written and comprehensive employee handbook will benefit both the employee and the employer. Employees will gain a better sense of the organization and employers will know that they have made the policies and expectations clear to its workers. Here are some of the specific reasons that every employer should create and maintain an accurate handbook.

Introduce Culture & Values

Helps to foster a sense of pride and belonging, which studies show will help employees become more productive, sooner.

Communicate Expectations

Provides employees with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and a compass for organizational policies.

Establish Company Policies

Managers can use the handbook to answer questions and make decisions regarding your policies to ensure consistent practice.

Labor Law Compliance

Communicates various entitlements and obligations to employees and helps keep you compliant with these regulations.

Employee Benefits Overview

Informs employees of vacations, 401k, health insurance, paid parental leave, or other benefits and the eligibility requirements.

Defend Against Employee Claims

A thorough handbook shows third-party investigators that the organization exercised "reasonable care" toward its employees.


Critical Employee Handbook Inclusions

It's commonly accepted among experienced HR and labor law professionals that the following components be considered when building or updating your company's employee handbook.

handshake (1)

Welcome Statement

hierarchy-levels (1)

Company Information




Employment Information


Compensation & Benefits


Sexual Harassment Prevention




Employee Conduct




Employee Sign Off

Make a good first impression! Begin your handbook with a brief statement welcoming your new hire into the family.

This is an AWESOME service. We have attempted to put together an employee handbook for over 5 years to no avail. Jessica made the process informative and simple.


Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job on our handbook, you made it so easy in helping us create our handbook, wish I would have done it years ago. It seemed like such an overwhelming task but your company made it easy. 


Very pleasant experience with my HR Handbook rep. I appreciate that she walked me through it all and had clear knowledge of what she was talking about.


I very much appreciate Andrea's immediate attention to my employee manual. Her knowledge was a tremendous asset in helping me get my handbook ready for my staff. Thank you!


Marisa is fantastic!! Great explanations and lots of obvious experience with handbooks!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I build a custom handbook?

Work with the Pros to build a customized employee handbook that complies with relevant federal and state laws and also reflects best practices. Our team will also review and incorporate organization-specific policies with each handbook. After your handbook has been drafted, we’ll schedule a one-hour consultation call to talk through your questions and make additional customizing edits.

How can I keep it up-to-date with new policies?

A real-time feed with instant email alerts about relevant policy changes makes it easy to keep employee handbooks current and compliant.

Can I get help customizing our own policies?

Contact the HR Pros for support with writing and reviewing an unlimited number of Company policies through the new Policy Customization tool.

What tools are available to me?

Allow our easy-to-use guides and templates – such as the Handbook Implementation Checklist and Common Handbook Errors guide – to guide you through customizing, administering, and maintaining an effective and compliant handbook.


Get Started

Given all there is to consider, the process of not just assembling your employee handbook, but also making sure it is current and meets legal requirements can be daunting. We want you to get it right, so you can focus on growing your business.

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