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Careers in Payroll Country

Here, people come first, manners aren't optional, and a job isn't done until it is.
It's not about where we work, it's about how we work.
And, more importantly, how we work together.

Current Available Positions

Browse our current openings and learn about how you can help make Payroll Country better for our clients and employees. We can't wait to meet you!


Customer Service Representative

Perry, NY

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Strategic Initiatives Project Manager

Perry, NY

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Tax Specialist

Perry, NY

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Submit Your Resume For Consideration

Just because there aren't any openings in your field right now, doesn't mean we don't want to meet you!

If you think you're payroll country material, feel free to submit your resume, and we'd be glad to consider you for future opportunities.

Welcome to Payroll Country

What we do as a company happened almost by accident. We could have done a lot of things. But - who we are - happens on purpose (and with purpose) every day. There's nothing we value more as a company than one another. That's why you're gonna love it in Payroll Country!