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The Paid Family Leave Compliance Bundle - Complete Payroll


PFL Compliance Bundle


Ready to use letter and policy templates you need to provide the "proper written guidance" to your employees needed to comply with Paid Family Leave.

NYS Employee Onboarding Kit - Complete Payroll


NYS Employee Onboarding Kit


All the tools you need to properly hire and onboard a new employee in New York. The Kit includes a form bundle, letter templates, best practice recommendations and video tutorials.

Paid Family Leave Guide - Complete Payroll


Guide to Paid Family Leave


Our comprehensive PDF Guide explains the new Paid Family Leave program that takes effect in New York in 2018, and what employers can do to get ready.

NYS Labor Law Poster Compliance Kit - Complete Payroll


NYS Labor Poster Compliance Kit


This Kit overviews all the different notices that are mandated by the New York State Department of Labor. It also has links to download and print each notice so you can get compliant.

NYS Employee Termination Kit - Complete Payroll


NYS Employee Termination Kit


Similar to the Onboarding Kit, the Termination Kit includes a form bundle, letter template, how-to guide and even a checklist to help you get through the actual termination meeting.

NYS Farmer's Tax Advantages Kit - Complete Payroll


NYS Farmer's Tax Advantages Kit


This Kit explains all the state and federal tax credits available to Farmers in New York State to help them save money, protect their assets and minimize their tax liabilities.

Payroll for Restaurants Guide


Payroll for Restaurants Guide


The IRS considers tipped wages as income that must be taxed. This Guide helps teach restaurant owners (and their employees) what the laws are and how to get - and stay - compliant.

Employer's Guide to Unpaid Internships - Complete Payroll


Employer's Guide to Unpaid Internships


A quick, 7-page PDF document that explains what criteria employers need to meet in order to qualify for the FLSA exemption to legally bring on unpaid interns.

Timekeeping Savings Calculator - Complete Payroll


Timekeeping Savings Calculator


A nifty tool to help you calculate how much your business can reliably expect to save - in terms of money and time - by transitioning to an automated timekeeping solution.

2017 Payroll & Tax Reference Guide - Complete Payroll


2017 Payroll & Tax Reference Guide


Similar to the one-offs the big payroll companies keep giving you, but it's a webpage. So you can bookmark it and find anything you're looking for in a second with the search tool.

State-By-State Minimum Wage Breakdown - Complete Payroll


State-By-State Minimum Wage Breakdown


This quick reference guide shows you the current minimum wage rates for all U.S. states and territories, plus future scheduled rates until 2022.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form - Complete Payroll


Direct Deposit Authorization Form


Download the form you need to complete with your employees to properly set up direct deposit payments.

General OSHA Safety Guide - Complete Payroll


General OSHA Safety Guide


This PDF reference guide will teach you about OSHA in general terms and how you can create a safer, compliant workplace.

Employer's Guide to COBRA - Complete Payroll


Employer's Guide to COBRA


This PDF reference guide will teach you all about COBRA - who qualifies, what's a qualifying event and more.

Employer's Guide to the ADA - Complete Payroll


Employer's Guide to the ADA


This PDF reference guide will teach you all about the ADA, the interactive process and how to accommodate for employees with disabilities.

Understanding the R&D Tax Credit - Complete Payroll


Understanding the R&D Tax Credit


A simple guide to understanding the Research and Development Tax Credit that was recently revised by the IRS with the intent of being available to more employers.

ACA Toolbox - Complete Payroll


ACA Toolbox


A special (and growing) collection of resources, guides and FAQs for Applicable Large Employers that face Affordable Care Act compliance.

The HR Fitness Test


The HR Fitness Test


A 10-question test that takes less than 2 minutes. It will help illustrate your strengths and your potential HR gaps so you know where you need to focus to stay compliant and protected.

NYS Minimum Wage & Overtime Salary Guide


NYS Minimum Wage & Overtime Salary Guide


A quick reference guide that includes the full schedule of NYS minimum wage and overtime salary threshold increases, along with real-world examples of what this means for employers.

In the current business climate, owning a small business is very difficult. Having a payroll company that can eliminate all my potential headaches and concerns in one facet of the business is so important. I cannot imagine using anyone other than Complete Payroll.

Kevin Casey.png

Kevin Casey, Chief Operating Officer, Mead Square Pharmacy

What I love most about Complete Payroll is the quick resolution and response. There are not many issues, but like anything in life, issues happen and the way they are dealt with is the true testament of a person or company. And Complete Payroll is the best at acknowledging the issue and resolving the problem quickly. My rep is fantastic to work with and I refer Complete Payroll whenever I can!

Nancy Woolver.png

Nancy Woolver, Financial Adviser, The Financial Service Company

The team at Complete Payroll does an amazing job taking care of all our payroll needs. The Evolution Software is so user-friendly and whenever I do have a question Andrea is right there to help me. I have worked with several payroll companies over the past 31 years and moving to Complete Payroll back in 2011 was one of my best decisions. It’s difficult to find an organization that is so dedicated to their clients but Complete Payroll never disappoints. I would highly recommend that everyone head over to Payroll Country. You’ll be glad you did.

George Emerling.png

George Emerling, Vice President, Emerling Agency

Hunt Hollow Ski Club has been using Complete Payroll Processing for all our payroll needs for many years. We've tried other companies from time to time but always return to Complete Payroll. The main reason is because we have an assigned payroll specialist who knows our needs inside and out, is knowledgeable, easy to reach and very responsive. My questions and concerns are addressed in a VERY timely manner and I never feel that I have to handle sticky issues alone.

Arden Neubauer.png

Arden Neubauer, Business Manager, Hunt Hollow Ski Club

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