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About Complete Payroll

We're a mid-sized firm founded in 1992 that specializes in Payroll, Timekeeping, HR, Human Capital Management and a few other related services. We work with clients all over the country from a county in Upstate New York where there are literally more cows than people.

We Can Help You With:

HR & Payroll Processing

Enable, strengthen and compensate your workforce.

Talent Management

Employ, onboard, develop and manage the best talent.

Workforce Management

Track and process time, expenses, benefits and more.

Employee Engagement

Empower employees to share, perform, learn, and grow.

People Services

Subscription services to help you manage your benefits and HR needs.

Benefits & Insurance

Enroll and manage benefits administration for your team.

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Humans are your best resources. They should be paid, managed and supported with enterprise technology and people that care. Learn all the ways Complete Payroll can help.


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What is Payroll Country?

In Payroll Country, people come first, manners aren't optional and a job isn't done until it is. Sure, we're headquartered in a small, rural town. But Payroll Country isn't just where we're from. It's our philosophy of how business should be conducted. Welcome!

What Is Life in Payroll Country?


Single Point of Contact

A dedicated rep that knows you, your business and what the heck they're talking about.


Free Software Training

We have full-time employees dedicated to helping you and your team use our software effectively.


Free Custom Reports

It's your data. You should be able to get it however you want. We never charge for custom reports.


Modern Software

You'd be hard pressed to find something our software can't do for you. We've got you covered.


Easy Payroll Transitions

We have an entire team dedicated to making yours go as smoothly as possible. No worries.


Competitive Pricing

There's a pretty good chance we could be saving you some money. Can't leave that out.

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Humans are our best resource. We're proud of our software but we're prouder of the friendly, experienced people that support it (and you).

In Payroll Country, you are 4 times more likely to have a conversation about how your payroll experience can be improved than you are to have a conversation about buying more products.

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