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Payroll Processing

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Payroll is in our name.

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When it comes to payroll for your staff, there’s a truck load of stuff to remember. With Complete Payroll, you don’t have to drudge through the muddy waters of payroll process, tax and paper trails all by your lonesome.

It’s not just about saving time.

Working with a payroll company is also about accuracy, timeliness, staying compliant and often, saving money. And it’s exactly what we do best.

Here’s some more information about the payroll processing services we offer…

Tax Services

All organizations must navigate the complex and ever changing laws and regulations that encompass business tax filing. At Complete Payroll, our internal tax department remains committed to ensuring accurate and timely processing of all of your Federal, State and Local tax requirements.

Direct Deposit

With direct deposit by Complete Payroll, you can avoid the hassle of having to deposit a physical check. With no restrictions on the number of transactions allowed, your employees can deposit money into multiple accounts, including a money market account.

Paperless Payroll

Go “green” with Complete Payroll’s paperless solutions. Eliminate needless waste and fortify your position in the digital age. From e-mailing check stubs and reports to scanning vital employee records and documents, Complete Payroll has the digital solutions that reduce waste and administrative burden.

Employee Self-Service

Save time and money on HR administrative functions by allowing your employees to have controlled access to their information via our Employee Self Service portal. Employees will no longer need to visit your HR department to get copies of their pay stubs or W2’s, as this is all available within the portal. In addition to vital record changes, employees are able to both view and request time off, allowing management to more effectively manage employee schedules.The management console empowers administrators to communicate important information via the customizable dashboard, and to effectively manage their employees’ data.

Check Signing

Signing a high volume of checks securely and efficiently is a challenge. Complete Payroll can automate this process for you. Your digitized signature can be imposed on the checks.

Pressure Seal Checks

Pressure seal checks eliminate the need for envelopes. Pressure seal stock is the ultimate in security as it is a single sheet of paper folded and sealed. There is no way to look at the check without actually opening it.

Trust Services

Sick of reconciling your bank account? Your employees’ paycheck can be drawn off a Complete Payroll account so you aren’t spending your valuable time reconciling your payroll bank account.

Time Off Accruals

Being able to accurately and seamlessly track time off data for your employees is a crucial function within payroll. Complete Payroll offers a completely integrated and flexible benefit time tracking module that removes the administrative burden of manually monitoring this data.

Agency Checks and Garnishments

From child support payments to civil garnishments, these critical deductions are a reality for many organizations. The difficult and oftentimes daunting task of ensuring 100% compliance within the law is a complex and ever-changing function of payroll. With Complete Payroll as your payroll provider, you will benefit from our experience with these delicate matters and the satisfaction of knowing that the deductions and payments are being made in compliance with the law. We offer full garnishment services in all 50 states and adhere to any specific reporting standards they may require.

Want to see what Payroll Country is all about?

Call us at 888-237-5800 or request more information online.

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My experience with Complete Payroll has been exceptional. I was a novice to payroll so my learning curve was big. Andrea is wonderful helping me navigate payroll - and not just fixing my errors but also explaining what I did or did not do.

Cathie Rene

Human Resource Coordinator at Rochester Hearing and Speech

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