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You don't have to love payroll to love your payroll company.

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Welcome to Payroll Country.

People come first. Manners aren’t optional.

Good things aren’t rushed. And a job isn’t done until it is.

It’s not about where we work. It’s about how we work.


Price isn't the only thing that matters. But it still matters, right?

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Payroll. Human resources. Time and labor. Affordable Care Act compliance. We got it all. And our process is easier than Sunday mornings.

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In Payroll Country, a living, breathing, law-abiding, sense of humor-having, casual Friday-dressing human is always ready to help you with anything.

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About Us

What we do as a company almost happened by accident. But who we are as people happened on purpose - and come to think of it - with purpose.

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If it's relevant or interesting and it relates to taking care of your people, we're publishing it.

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