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Welcome to Payroll Country.

People come first. Manners aren’t optional.

Good things aren’t rushed. And a job isn’t done until it is.

It’s not about where we work. It’s about how we work.


Price isn't the only thing that matters. But it still matters, right?

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Payroll. Human resources. Time and labor. Affordable Care Act compliance. We got it all. And our process is easier than Sunday mornings.

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In Payroll Country, a living, breathing, law-abiding, sense of humor-having, casual Friday-dressing human is always ready to help you with anything.

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About Us

What we do as a company almost happened by accident. But who we are as people happened on purpose - and come to think of it - with purpose.

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Recent Blog Posts

If it's relevant or interesting and it relates to taking care of your people, we're publishing it.

Court rules employers cannot use salary history to justify paying women less

On the eve of Equal Pay Day, a landmark decision was reached in the case of Aileen Rizo vs. the Fresno County Office of Education. On Monday, April 9, an 11-judge panel from the Ninth Circuit Court

Understanding how partnerships are taxed

Partnerships are considered pass-through entities by the IRS — they are not separate from their owners. All profits and losses pass through the business to the partners; each pays taxes on his or her

NYC passes law requiring sexual harassment training for workers

With long-standing issues like sexual harassment and gender pay inequality finally bubbling to the surface in the form of movements like #MeToo, Time’s Up, and others, it is more crucial than ever

What are the highest-paid professions in 2018?

Would it surprise you to learn that all of the top 10 highest-paid professions are in the medical field? Perhaps not. But many other top-paying jobs are actually quite surprising, as you look further


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