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Nobody likes payroll, but everybody loves getting paid.

No amount of beautiful photos or well-timed humor are going to turn payroll processing and other administrative necessities into something fun. Accuracy and precision come first. Just don't be mad if you enjoy working with us as well.

Pain, pain go away.
Business owners can spend up to 40% of their time managing payroll, human resources, and time and labor.


Sure, they’re important issues. But 40% important? No way. Your time is better spent elsewhere. Our process is easier than Sunday mornings. It saves on the headaches, too.

No cookie-cutters, please.

You don’t buy a shovel and then decide you need a hole in the ground, right?

We’ll start with your goals and budget. Then we’ll integrate payroll, human resources, and time and labor into a complete solution.

We’re not old. We’re experienced.
We’ve been managing payroll, human resources, timekeeping and a whole bunch of other stuff since the Clinton Administration.

There is trust in Payroll Country.

Call us at 888-237-5800 or request more information online.

Services We Offer:

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

It's about accuracy, timeliness, staying compliant and often, saving money. And it’s exactly what we do best.

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Human Resources

Human Resources

Focus on growth and profitability and let our HR professionals help you protect your greatest assets.

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Time and attendance solutions

Time and Labor

Effective timekeeping doesn't just improve the payroll process; it enhances operations as a whole.

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Additional services

Additional Services

We do a lot and we do it well. At Complete Payroll, there are a lot of ways we can help your company run like a well-oiled machine.

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In the current business climate, owning a small business is very difficult. Having a payroll company that can eliminate all my potential headaches and concerns in one facet of the business is so important. I cannot imagine using anyone other than Complete Payroll.

Kevin Casey.png

Kevin Casey, Chief Operating Officer, Mead Square Pharmacy

What I love most about Complete Payroll is the quick resolution and response. There are not many issues, but like anything in life, issues happen and the way they are dealt with is the true testament of a person or company. And Complete Payroll is the best at acknowledging the issue and resolving the problem quickly. My rep is fantastic to work with and I refer Complete Payroll whenever I can!

Nancy Woolver.png

Nancy Woolver, Financial Adviser, The Financial Service Company

The team at Complete Payroll does an amazing job taking care of all our payroll needs. The Evolution Software is so user-friendly and whenever I do have a question Andrea is right there to help me. I have worked with several payroll companies over the past 31 years and moving to Complete Payroll back in 2011 was one of my best decisions. It’s difficult to find an organization that is so dedicated to their clients but Complete Payroll never disappoints. I would highly recommend that everyone head over to Payroll Country. You’ll be glad you did.

George Emerling.png

George Emerling, Vice President, Emerling Agency

Hunt Hollow Ski Club has been using Complete Payroll Processing for all our payroll needs for many years. We've tried other companies from time to time but always return to Complete Payroll. The main reason is because we have an assigned payroll specialist who knows our needs inside and out, is knowledgeable, easy to reach and very responsive. My questions and concerns are addressed in a VERY timely manner and I never feel that I have to handle sticky issues alone.

Arden Neubauer.png

Arden Neubauer, Business Manager, Hunt Hollow Ski Club

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