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Human resources

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Humans are the best resources.

No kidding. But not every business has the bandwidth (or need) to staff an HR department. Not to mention, over the last 10 years human resource management has grown to include legal compliance and data collection. Isn’t your basket already full?

Complete Payroll will lessen the load. Focus on growth and profitability and let our HR professionals help you protect your greatest assets.

Want to learn more about our HR solutions?

HRIS Software

Automate and consolidate all of your HR tracking and reporting needs. Our Human resources management system allows you to efficiently manage your workforce and keep track of vital information in one database that is completely integrated with payroll. You can produce critical reports such as your OSHA 300 Log, annual employee benefit statements, and emergency contact lists.Custom reports are provided at no charge. You can also cut down on the amount of paper cluttering your office by scanning and storing important documents under each employee’s electronic record.

HR Support Center

Our online HR support center houses employment laws for all 50 states as well as all federal laws translated into easy to understand terminology. We have a complete HR Policy Library, an incredibly thorough selection of customizable job descriptions, all relevant HR Forms, quick guides to assist you throughout each phase of the employee life-cycle, thousands of Q&A’s, an informative HR Audit and so much more! Continually updated in real time, the HR Support Center is a robust resource for you and your clients, up to date with the most essential HR resources.

HR On-Demand

An enhanced version of HR Answerlink, this service allows you to have unlimited 24/7 access to certified HR Professionals who can help you with any situations that may arise. HR On-Demand will also provide you with a custom handbook and any degree of document customization necessary.

HR Complete

Take your HR approach from reactive to proactive with our compliance and audit service. In addition to 24/7 access to HR On-Demand, an employee from Complete Payroll will conduct a remote consultation and gather all data necessary for a complete and thorough HR evaluation. Your dedicated HR Professional will evaluate all pertinent information and provide you with a comprehensive action plan that will implement “best practices” and ensure full legal compliance. This also includes ongoing audits that ensure the action plan remains appropriate in relation to organizational goals.

Poster Compliance

Never display outdated posters again! With our poster compliance service you will never have to worry about checking for updates and ordering new posters, we will send them to you automatically any time legislation changes, thus ensuring you are always in compliance.

Online Benefit Enrollment

As more and more organizations implement employee benefit programs, the administrative hassle and complexity increases. With Complete Payroll’s integrated open enrollment system, we empower your employees to administer their own benefit healthcare choices.

Online Applicant Tracking

Significantly increase your recruiting effectiveness by reaching more prospective employees, and efficiently manage the on-boarding process to minimize time spent entering data into the payroll system. Employers can post open positions on any job board, including their own company website, at a significantly discounted rate. “Go green” by reducing wasted paper as applications can be filled out online and stored electronically.

Background Checks

Take the guesswork out of hiring. Perform professional and accurate background checks on your current and prospective employees to ensure you have the right people working for you.

Want a free human resources assessment?

Call us at 888-237-5800 or request more information online.

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Complete Payroll has been the best choice that I have made for our payroll and HR services. I love their great customer service! Anytime I have called, customer service there is always a happy and knowledgeable person on the line to help us out. Anything that I have asked of them, they have done in a quick, and efficient manner. I would recommend them to everybody! Thanks, Complete Payroll!

Lisa Carpenter

Director of Human Resources at Olean Wholesale Grocery Coop

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