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This is our world. We do a lot and we do it well. At Complete Payroll, there are a lot of ways we can help your company run like a well-oiled machine.


GL reports and integration

Let Complete Payroll ease your workload at every turn, with our convenient and accurate General Ledger report and upload. Once the payroll is processed, Complete Payroll will provide an easy to understand report and file that can quickly and easily be uploaded to the accounting package of your choice. By automating this process, you know your accounting data is accurate and free from costly errors.

Retirement services

Tired of managing your payroll and retirement separately? Our retirement tools simplify the process of administering retirement offerings. Complete Payroll can customize a report that will give you access to your complete retirement activity. By alleviating the complex calculations that encompass retirement administration, both error and time are reduced.In addition to the customized reporting, Complete Payroll offers a completely automated retirement solution for your business. With our EZ401(k) service, we communicate all retirement information to your TPA/custodian on your behalf. But it doesn’t stop there, this service will also help you comply with the regulatory reporting that is required of all businesses and their retirement plans.

E-Z workers compensation

Workers’ Compensation has created a huge burden for virtually every business in the nation. Insurance carriers have historically required sizeable upfront deposits to cover their risk of non-payment and defaulted premium. Complete Payroll’s EZ Work Comp© program facilitates billing on a per payroll basis where premium is calculated on actual rather than estimated wages, greatly reducing the risk of additional payment due on audit. Complete Payroll is dedicated to aggressive cost containment and reduction of your Workers’ Compensation expenditures.

Disability insurance

Let us handle the hassle of your mandated New York State disability insurance. We provide coverage at extremely competitive rates and relieve you of the burden of completing the annual audits.

Labor distribution

Labor distribution allows your business to quickly and accurately monitor where and how long an employee has worked throughout the pay period. Complete Payroll’s software provides a comprehensive cost center hierarchy, allowing your organization to easily and efficiently implement and track labor allocation across four levels (Division/Branch/Department/Team).

Job costing

Being able to accurately and efficiently calculate the labor costs for individual jobs is an essential function for certain industries, such as construction and manufacturing. Complete Payroll offers a robust job costing module that calculates the cost of labor for completing various jobs.

Certified payroll

Government jobs require additional customized reporting, known as certified payroll. Complete Payroll is ready to assist you in generating the correct reporting and ensuring 100% compliance with all government requirements.

Custom program interfaces

Complete Payroll’s world class IT team will look to work with your current business software packages for accounting to retirement and other critical software that help your business run efficiently.

Archive CDs

Concerned about your critical payroll information and want additional peace of mind? Complete Payroll will produce quarterly or annual CDs at your request – keeping your private information safe.

Credit card processing

Complete Payroll partners with Merchant Services companies to offer the most complete solutions for all of our customer’s business needs. Ask us how we can help.

Debit cards

In today’s workplace there are many reasons why employees may not have bank accounts. Payroll Debit cards are an alternative that allow employees to enjoy the convenience of direct deposit without the presence of a bank account. This also alleviates the need to distribute paper checks to all employees before the bank closes on pay day in addition to reduced delivery costs.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company fire on all cylinders.

Call Complete Payroll at 888-237-5800 or request information online.


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We have been using Complete Payroll for over five years and have found them to be responsive, professional, friendly and cost effective. Infrequently, something went awry. Complete Payroll was there, immediately, to help fix the issue. Customer service is best judged when something goes wrong. Complete Payroll is a payroll partner, not a just payroll service.

Kelly Stephenson

Senior Director of Finance at The Service Collaborative of WNY

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