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At Complete Payroll, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Our service consultants and technology experts listen to your needs and work with you to implement the best solutions to fit your industry—and your individual company.

We can service just about any industry. Here are just a few examples where we have a proven track record of successful payroll implementations, as well as the tweaks and considerations of our client’s needs:

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Piece work payroll is tracked and reported on our system. The federal form 943 is also done by us as part of the tax service.

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Certified payroll can now be produced in the field. Details of the job location, rate, overtime and hours by day are on reports with a page for the supervisor’s signature.

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Complicated time off accruals is handled automatically through our system and balances are printed on check stubs for the employee’s convenience. You can adjust balances on the fly and see the history for any accrual at any time with the click of a button.

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Financial Services

With our paperless payroll options, even the busiest of financial professionals can manage their employees pay. We can also assist with 401K uploads.

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Shift differentials tracked and paid automatically at regular, time and a half or double time. Injury tracking can be handled through our HR module allowing OSHA 300 logs to be printed out of our system.

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Our easy to use time keeping system, allows easy upload into a payroll software allowing reporting, tracking, and eliminating manual entry of hours.

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Job costing can be done with each payroll. Your GL can be broken down by department or job. Our time clocks will also track hours per job. Labor distribution reports let you see the breakdown of wages, deductions, and taxes by Division, Branch, Department, or Team.

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From union contracts to budget controls, Complete Payroll’s software can handle the most complex municipalities.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Complete Payroll can provide service, cost and job allocation to grants and public funds.

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Complete Payroll’s taxes, tip credit and state of the art time and attendance systems will help manage your employees’ hours and wages.

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We have complex ADI time clocks which provide scheduling capability for employers.

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Extensive tracking is provided for license numbers, expiration dates, drivers’ insurance and company vehicles.

Discover how Complete Payroll can help companies like yours make real and measurable improvements. We combine deep industry knowledge and experience, offering a comprehensive set of services — tailored to your needs.

Call us at 888-237-5800 or request more information online.

Jeff Allen
Crossroads House has been using Complete Payroll for several years now. We are committed to using local resources wherever practical and Complete Payroll gives us all the advantages of being right around the corner. Their service is fast, friendly and accurate. Whenever we have payroll documentation needs arise for our employees, the staff at Complete Payroll always gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Jeff Allen

Executive Director at Crossroads House

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