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Employer Forms

New Business Required Forms:

Application Employer ID Nbr (SS-4)

Federal and State Forms: 

New Hire State & Federal Withholding Certificates - Complete List by State

Employee Forms: 

Employee Information Sheet
Direct Deposit Authorization
I-9 Form - Employement Eligibility Verification

Client Information Instructions: 

Input Worksheet Instructions
Payroll Account Change Authorization


Evolution® & Security Info: 

The First Book of Compression and Encryption
How Do I Know My Taxes Are Being Paid?


IRS withholding calculator: 



The IRS one-stop Resource for Small Business and the Self-employed: 



Verify Social Security Number Online:  www.socialsecurity.gov/employer
Trini Kuzmicki
We have had the pleasure of working with Complete Payroll since January 1, 2015 and I couldn’t be happier. I know I can call or email and I will get a timely response. They have accommodated everything we have needed in the way we wanted it – who can ask for more than that?

Trini Kuzmicki

Trini Kuzmicki, Vice President at Hart's Insurance Agency

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The I-9 Form is your way as an employer to verify your employee’s identity and establish that they’re eligible to accept employment in the United States. Yesterday, the U.S. Citizens and Immigration


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