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Where we're from, the first math problem you're taught is how to multiply generosity with hard work. And whether we're helping our neighbors with trees or complete strangers with labor law updates, the answer is always the same.

RL - The New York State Employee Onboarding Kit.png

NYS Employee Onboarding Kit

All the tools you need to properly hire and onboard a new employee in New York. The Kit includes a form bundle, letter templates, best practice recommendations and video tutorials.

RL - The New York State Employee Termination Kit.png

NYS Employee Termination Kit

Similar to the Onboarding Kit, the Termination Kit includes a form bundle, letter template, how-to guide and even a checklist to help you get through the actual termination meeting.

RL - Preparing for New York Paid Family Leave.png

Preparing for New York Paid Family Leave

Our comprehensive PDF Guide explains the new Paid Family Leave program that takes effect in New York in 2018, and what employers can do to get ready.

RL - State-by-State Minimum Wage Breakdown.png

State-By-State Minimum Wage Breakdown

This quick reference guide shows you the current minimum wage rates for all U.S. states and territories, plus future scheduled rates until 2022.

RL - The New York Labor Law Poster Compliance Kit.png

NYS Labor Law Poster Compliance Kit

This Kit overviews all the different notices that are mandated by the New York State Department of Labor. It also has links to download and print each notice so you can get compliant.

RL - New York Farmer's Tax Advantages Kit.png

NYS Farmer's Tax Advantages Kit

This Kit explains all the state and federal tax credits available to Farmers in New York State to help them save money, protect their assets and minimize their tax liabilities.

RL - The Payroll for Restaurants Complete Guide.png

Payroll for Restaurants Complete Guide

The IRS considers tipped wages as income that must be taxed. This Guide helps teach restaurant owners (and their employees) what the laws are and how to get - and stay - compliant.

RL - Decision Maker's Guide to the New Overtime Rules.png

The Decision Maker's Guide to the New Overtime Rules

The Guide teaches businesses how to comply with the proposed - but now on-hold - FLSA changes affecting the overtime exemption.

RL - Timekeeping savings calculator.png

The Timekeeping Savings Calculator

A nifty tool to help you calculate how much your business can reliably expect to save - in terms of money and time - by transitioning to an automated timekeeping solution.

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Trini Kuzmicki

Trini Kuzmicki, Vice President, Hart's Insurance Agency

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