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Payroll Distribution Technician (P/T)

Our award-winning distribution team has helped fuel rapid growth that just earned us a spot on the Western New York's Fast Track Companies list.

Not bad for a company that's been around for more than a quarter century. 

Position Summary

What good is running payroll if people don’t get paid on time? The answer is no good at all! Our distribution team works tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make sure that as soon as a client submits their payroll, they can breathe easy knowing that paychecks will be in their employees’ hands in a timely fashion. Employees are happy, which makes our clients happy, which makes us happy. It’s like one big happiness train, and we’re looking to bring some more hard-working, detail-oriented people pleasers on board!

Reports To:

CP_Avatar_600RS_Angeline Snell_20210507

Angeline Snell


CJ Maurer (former)


Combine the security of a company that's been around for over 27 years with the excitement of a growing organization where everybody can influence the future and you've got a pretty special place to work.

Kelley Carson


I can honestly say that this is the best place I've ever worked and I'm honored to be a part of Payroll Country.

Mel Sickles


From the beginning of my employment it has felt like family. Everyone is willing to lend a helping hand just like our families outside of work.

Todd Caroccio


Interactions with top level management aren't something that's reserved for the "elite" few employees, but something that occurs on a daily basis.

Joe Peluso


I have been working at Complete Payroll for over a year and I can tell you this: Payroll Country is not just a clever tagline. It's real. It exists. And everyone here both feels it and contributes to it. This place is special.

Brad Zattosky (former)


The family setting is what attracted me to Complete Payroll. It's a family-owned, local company, and there is value here that you just dont get at other places, especially in the corporate world.

Jennifer Strait


As a member of both the Evans and Southtowns Chambers of Commerce, I am building relationships with a lot of people and really getting to know them. Complete Payroll gives me the resources and the tools that I need to help them out. It's a great feeling!

Jennifer Roche (former)


Complete Payroll truly is a family environment. We all know each other. We all care about each and every person as an individual. I think that's why, as a company, we do so well.

Marty Grisanti (former)


My favorite thing about Complete Payroll is the people. There is unlimited support from CSR's, TSR's (implementation), the managers... everyone is there for you. Getting a call from our Sales Director or CEO congratulating you on having a good month goes a long way, in my eyes.

Rob Kropczynski


My favorite thing about working at Complete Payroll is the flexibility. With having three boys, my wife, and the dog, we have a lot going on, especially after hours. So, it's great to be flexible with what I do during the day, so I can enjoy all of those things with my family.

Essential Functions

  • Process, print and package payrolls.
  • Make sure the processed payrolls are sent via UPS, LaserShip or USPS according to instructions.
  • Package and send quarterly and year-end tax forms to clients and government agencies.
  • Produce internal sales forms for sales team.
  • Create appropriate folders for incoming clients.
  • Research and resolve delivery discrepancies.

Non-Essential Duties

  • Special projects assigned by Executive staff
  • Miscellaneous duties as assigned by management

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Able to read and follow written instructions.
  • Ability to work on feet and carry objects weighing up to 30 lbs
  • Able to communicate and work with other staff members
  • Able to work independently as well as part of a team.
Work week is Monday -Wednesday, 8:30 am - 5:00pm, 24 hours per week.

Careers Flourish in Payroll Country


Excellent Compensation

A fair, market-rate base wage. We'll talk about that some more.



Medical, Dental, 401(k), PTO, Long Term Disability, Tuition Reimbursement, Holiday Pay and more!


Paid Training

We've got some awesome people and tools that will train you on the most innovative sales practices.

laptop (1)_128

Advanced CRM

We use HubSpot, one of the best CRMs on the market - complete with all the bells and whistles.


How We Work

There is structure, and you will be supported, but we want you to be autonomous, creative and to make it your own. We also believe in and encourage a strong work/life balance.


Why Payroll Country?

We are a close-knit family that thrives on growing through collaboration. Click to read the "Payroll Country Manifesto" and learn more about who we are and (more importantly) why we are.

Ready to Join the Team?

What we do as a company happened almost by accident. We could have done a lot of things. But - who we are - happens on purpose (and with purpose) every day. There's nothing we value more as a company than one another. That's why you're gonna love it in Payroll Country!