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Liz White

Director of Human Resources



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A little more about Liz...

Liz joined the Complete Payroll team in late 2011 after a very successful beginning to her career in Central and North America working for International Fortune 500 companies providing Payroll and HR support. Liz permanently moved to the United States in 2007 and successfully managed a family restaurant before teaming up with Complete Payroll. Not only is Liz a very talented, certified PHR (Professional in Human Resources), she has a very diverse background in recruiting, benefits, employee relations, and international payroll as well as being fluent in both Spanish and English languages. Since taking over the HR department, Liz has proven to be a critical member of the Complete Payroll executive team by bolstering our HR product offerings as well as providing exceptional support to our extraordinary team members. A native of Costa Rica, Liz earned a degree in Human Resources, but now resides in Western NY where she is an active member of her community and an active leader in a successful, local family business. As the Director of HR for Complete Payroll, Liz works vigorously on a daily basis to maintain our wonderful work environment as well as our Payroll Country values.

In the current business climate, owning a small business is very difficult. Having a payroll company that can eliminate all my potential headaches and concerns in one facet of the business is so important. I cannot imagine using anyone other than Complete Payroll.

Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey, Chief Operating Officer at Mead Square Pharmacy

We switched to Complete Payroll because our previous payroll company was repeatedly making mistakes, raising costs and changing account managers on us. Todd came in and transferred the account and we have had a great relationship since. Erika, our Customer Service Representative is very responsive. If I have a question she is very accessible and typically gets me an answer in minutes. Not to mention that for my business the cost of this customer-centered service is about a third less than what I was paying before. I have recommended Complete Payroll to others and will do so in the future. They are just good people to work with.

Mark Logan

Mark Logan, Director of Operations at First Free Methodist Church

We have been using Complete Payroll for over five years and have found them to be responsive, professional, friendly and cost effective. Infrequently, something went awry. Complete Payroll was there, immediately, to help fix the issue. Customer service is best judged when something goes wrong. Complete Payroll is a payroll partner, not a just payroll service.

Kelly Stephenson

Kelly Stephenson, Senior Director of Finance at The Service Collaborative of WNY

The team at Complete Payroll does an amazing job taking care of all our payroll needs. The Evolution Software is so user-friendly and whenever I do have a question Andrea is right there to help me. I have worked with several payroll companies over the past 31 years and moving to Complete Payroll back in 2011 was one of my best decisions. It’s difficult to find an organization that is so dedicated to their clients but Complete Payroll never disappoints. I would highly recommend that everyone head over to Payroll Country. You’ll be glad you did.

George Emerling

George Emerling, Vice President at Emerling Agency


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