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Welcome to Payroll Country!

We can't wait to meet you and work with you.
In the meantime, use this page to get to know Complete Payroll a little better. 😀

Jack Whipple, GFC Payroll

Jack expresses his gratitude to all GFC clients, and explains what factors led to his decision to partner with Complete Payroll and why he also believes in what we plan on proving to you: You're going to Love it in Payroll Country!

Austin Fish, Complete Payroll

Complete Payroll is fully-committed to facilitating a smooth transition from GFC to Complete Payroll. Our CEO is even opening up his calendar to meet with you and answer any questions you may have. Watch the video to hear his message to you.

GFC_Web_Welcome Video-Jack_FINAL
GFC_Web_Welcome Video-Austin_FINAL

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Pricing Changing?

For at least the first year, no client coming to Complete Payroll from GFC will see any increase in their pricing.

Some of you, however, will actually see your pricing decrease. You're welcome. 😉

How Do I Submit/Recieve My Payroll?

As Jack mentioned in his video, Complete Payroll is keeping both the GFC team and both GFC office intact. This means that your usual point of contact isn't going anywhere. Continue to submit your payroll normally, and you will continue to receive  it normally. 

If, once we have had some time to get to know you and your company's needs, we realize there is a better way, we will explore it at that time.

Is my Billing Changing?

While your pricing may not be changing, effective January 1st, 2021, we will begin billing and collecting your payroll fees in sync with your payroll frequency. So, for example, if you pay your people weekly, we will collect your fees each week.

Also, we collect those fees via ACH from the same account from which we pull funds to pay your employees. 

Contact your CSR if you would like to make any changes.  

Submit Your Question Using the Form Below

Earning Your Business

Let's be honest. You didn't choose Complete Payroll. But we're going to do everything we can to make sure you're happy you're with us. From a smooth payroll transition to a full menu of solutions and personalized support, we're rolling out the red carpet.

Data Migration

First, we're going to migrate all of your company’s payroll information into our system. This includes all of your company and employee information. Since we already have access to your current system, this shouldn't require much lifting on your end. But, if you spot information that is incorrect, outdated, or incomplete, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will resolve any discrepancies as quickly as possible.

Audit & Testing

Accuracy and integrity are important to Complete Payroll. So, once your data has been migrated over,  your account will go through a strict audit process to ensure the accuracy of that data. As a final check, we will also conduct a parallel test to make sure everything is calculating exactly the way you’re used to.

Go Live!

Once we have migrated your data and verified everything for accuracy, your setup is complete and we will reach out to introduce you to your dedicated Customer Service Representative. That's right... you'll have your own rep that you can contact directly whenever you need them!

Our CSRs are second-to none, and yours will learn every detail about you, your company, and your needs. We can't wait for you to meet yours. 

Questions? Issues? Suggestions? Drop Us a Line!

Complete Workforce Solutions

Humans are your best resources. They should be paid, managed and supported with enterprise technology and people that care. Learn all the ways Complete Payroll can help.


Payroll Processing

With Complete Payroll, you don’t have to trudge through the muddy waters of payroll process, tax and paper trails all by your lonesome.


Time & Attendance

Automating your time and attendance saves you time, money and turns labor costs into a competitive advantage.


Human Resources

Forms, checklists, policy templates, labor law alerts and immediate access to certified HR pros are at your fingertips.


HCM Platform

Robust software to help you manage the entire employee lifecycle.


Automated Timekeeping

Simplify payroll, ensure compliance and keep labor costs down.


Employee Scheduling

Manage complex schedules and ensure qualified coverage with ease.


Time Clocks & Apps

A variety of solutions to allow employees to punch in and out.


Employee Handbooks

Revise your current handbook or create a new one from scratch.


Background Checks

Fast, affordable and reliable screenings for potential employees.


Labor Posters

New posts and automated compliance for just $6 a month.


Payday Advances

Allow employees to take debt-free paycheck advances.


ACA Reporting

We'll file your 1094 and 1095 forms to keep you ACA compliant.


Worker's Compensation

We'll help you shop the best policy for your business.


Unemployment Claims

Win more claims and keep your premiums down.


NYS Sexual Harassment

Training and communication to keep your business compliant.

Free Resources For Employers

We're constantly sharing free blog articles, videos and other resources to help employers with payroll, HR, labor law compliance or anything related to running your business and managing your people.


Resource Library

A robust library of guides, kits and tools designed to educate and support anyone responsible for payroll, HR or managing a workforce of people.


Software Demo Videos

Filter by software platform or use the search function to find a video that teaches you anything you'll need to know on any one of our advances software platforms.


Blog Articles

We're constantly publishing articles about payroll, HR, labor law updates or anything related to running your business and managing a workforce of people.


Employer Forms

Browse our complete list of state and federal new hire forms and tax withholding certificates, always updated and available for immediate download.


Email Newsletter

Our best and most relevant content and delivered right to your inbox twice a month. Have timely labor law updates and industry best practices come to you.


Remote Support

Clients can jump right in our dynamic video conferencing portal to be trained on how to use our various payroll and HR software platforms. Available to your whole team.

Managing Partners

Complete Payroll is owned and managed by two generations of the Fish family. We have expanded to welcome an amazing array of talent to our team. Our team is well rounded and well versed in payroll and human capital management.

Austin Fish

Chief Executive Officer

Richard K Fish

Chief Operating Officer

Richard White

Director of Client Services

Kevin Herbek

Director of Tax & Finance

What "Payroll Country" Means To Us (And You)

In Payroll Country, people come first, manners aren't optional and a job isn't done until it is. Sure, we're headquartered in a small, rural town. But Payroll Country isn't just where we're from. It's our philosophy of how business should be conducted. Welcome!

PayrollCountry_V4R1-Short Intro

Single Point of Contact

A dedicated rep that knows you, your business and what the heck they're talking about.

Free Software Training

We have full-time employees dedicated to helping you and your team use our software effectively.

Free Custom Reports

You should be able to get your data however you want. We never charge for custom reports.

Robust Software

You'd be hard pressed to find something our software can't do for you. We've got you covered.

Easy Payroll Transitions

We have an entire team dedicated to making yours go as smoothly as possible. No worries.

Competitive Pricing

There's a pretty good chance we could be saving you some money. Can't leave that out.

Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. See what some of your new neighbors in Payroll Country have to say about working with us. 

Clark & Harry Hadley, Hadley Chiropractic

Testimonial_Hadley Chiropractic_FINAL


"The transition was one that I don't remember, and I think that's the highest praise!"

Jeff Allen, Crossroads House

Jeff Allen Loves Payroll Country


"Accurate reporting. Everything that comes in, comes in on time and is right. We don't have to worry about whether payroll's going to be on time or whether it's going to be accurate. It always is."

Arden Neubauer, Hunt Hollow Ski Resort

CP-Testimonial_Arden Neubauer_Hunt Hollow Ski Club_FINAL


"The biggest reason that I continue to persuade our management to stick with Complete Payroll is because of the responsive, personalized service. It's great to know that I have Kari just a click away."

Howard Clarke, H. Clarke Services

CP-Testimonial_Howard Clarke_FINAL_v2


"First of all, they're nice people. I get very good service. They're prompt, and you can count on them calling you. When professional people I know... say they're not happy with their service, I tell them about CPP. There's no reason not to."

Bonnie Vitale, The Gables at Brighton

CP-Testimonial_ Bonnie Vitale - Gables at Brighton_FINAL


"If they ever wanted to switch [from] Complete Payroll, I would fight and scream because it really is a great, great system and it's got great people that go along with it"

Joel Craddock, Doc's Facilities Solutions

Testimonial_Joel Craddock - Docs Facilities Solutions_FINAL_v2_wCaptions


"I own a cleaning company. That's what I know about. I need the expert to do what they do, and Complete Payroll has been that expert for us."